Ralf Zink

Head of Research and Technology, DMK-GROUP



Dr. Ralf Zink (DMK, Head of R&T)
• Studies in Biology, Food Microbiology and Biotechnology (Diploma, Germany)
• Ph.D. in Molecular Food Microbiology (Germany): Dairy and Dairy pathogens
• Postdoctoral Associate: Southeast Dairy Research Center and Department of Food Science (NCSU, Raleigh, USA)
• Group-Leader in Food Microbiology (responsible for dairy, fermented dairy, cheese, probiotics and the bacterial culture collection for research and industrial purposes) at the Nestle-Research-Center (Lausanne, Switzerland)
• Product-Area-Coordinator for chilled and shelf-stable dairy (Interface between R&D and the respective dairy business-unit) at the Nestle-Research-Center (Lausanne, Switzerland)
• Global R&D and Technical Director within BU Nutrition & Health for the special chemical company Cognis (Germany): BU-related R&D and regulatory for dairy-, food- and beverage-industry, R&D-collaborations with FMCG-partners, strategic BU-acquisitions, JV and Open-Innovation
• Own company in the area of R&D, ingredients and strategy-consulting
• Since 2011 Head of R&D/T at DMK (Germany). Responsibilities cover operational and strategic R&T for dairy, cheese, milk-powders and ingredients as well as process- and packaging development. For one year in parallel the Head of Innovation-Management. Furthermore, member of the company´s Innovation-Core-Team (ICT).
• Since 2012: Member of the research working group at the german dairy association (MIV): steering and funding of new and pre-competitive research applications of german academia and research institutions for the dairy sector (process, technology, nutrition, innovation)
• Since 2017: Personal nomination into the scientific advisory committee of the german food industry for periods 2017-2019 and 2019-2022 to decide – as one of 70 experts – about funding german food projects of academia and research institutions (expert-status since 2015)