Amy Wong

Food Writer



Amy Wong:
Amy Wong (Shen Po), a food writer and designer of life aesthetics. The founder of Wechat official account "Shen Po Ai Chi" and food & art exhibition "Shi Ye (Live Wild)". General counselor of Asian Design Management Forum, and has more than 4 million fans over the whole network.

She is a wild gastronome, goes around the world with the idea of "Eat and travel throughout life, and minor in humanity". Her baking works have ever been included by dozens of well-known media. She published independent picture book "Book of Love: For You Who Don't Want to Grow Up" in 2014, and also published "Illustrated Handbook for Vegetable Oils" in 2016.

Food Bless You is not only the spirit of "Shen Po Ai Chi", but the understanding of food and life as well.

Food, nourish you, and also bless you.