Takumi Kato


Shanghai Ezaki Glico Foods Co., Ltd.


【Brand Communication】Design of the Era - Heritage and Evolution

All surviving brands, as they grow stronger and stronger, will eventually embark on a journey to a future where "change" is the constant theme, and where constant innovationis the only means to remain competitive.

More and more sub-brands are born, more and more product lines are opened. The "heirs" of a big family should ultimately remain faithful to the family's beliefs, and the inherited brand core should not be lost. In order to adapt to the changing times, which elements need to be abandoned? And what must be passed on in order to remain true to oneself? The weight of the brand should be reflected in the packaging design.


Takumi Kato starated his career in brand markeing and consumer insight at P&G from 1992. He joined Ezaki Glico Foods in 2011 to lead marketing planning and consumer insights. In 2017, he came to China as a country general manager at Shanghai Ezaki Glico Foods.