Liu Huan

Vice President

Adopt a Cow


[Panel Discussion] Welcome to the "New Consumption Era"!

What consumption vicissitude shows is the change of consumer demand. Dairy products, as "rigid demand" products, face the eternal core of consumers in the consumption scene, and naturally bear the brunt of consumers' higher requirements. When consumers pay more attention to the product power of dairy products, the product becomes the best "shelf" of the brand. In this new consumption era, what new requirements do consumers put forward for dairy products? How can dairy companies communicate with consumers through their products?


Graduated from Zhejiang Gongshang University with a master's degree in Food Science and Engineering. As a core member of the start-up team of Adopt a Cow, she has extensive experiences in the fields of products, marketing and operations. Currently in charge of the market brand and the overall operation of the ToB business, and she led the team to constantly explore new retail models and the building of new brand power from 0 to 1, not only maintaining the leading position of Adopt a Cow in the new retail field of dairy industry, but also continuously accumulating the operation model which forged a strong marketing system capability for the company. At the same time, she also committed to researching and exploring "user-centered" products and brand building.