Lu Junfei

Vice President, Marketing Director and General Manager of the UHT Milk Department



War of "Fresh Milk": Source ≠ Market

This year, all eyes are on the escalated competition in pasteurized milk. With the help of UHT milk featuring long shelf lives, milk has been introduced to the Chinese families in the past few decades. But in recent years, the growth of liquid milk has encountered a bottleneck; especially since 2020, major players have all turned their eyes to fresh milk. Compared with the international fresh milk market, the one in China is still a blue ocean. Here comes the question: how to deal with fresh milk's short shelf life and temperature requirements?


Lu Junfei, male, born in September 1978 in Shanghai, with a university degree, has bachelor's degrees both in engineering and arts, and also received his master's degree in business administration from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He started work in July 2000 , who is now vice president and marketing director of BRIGHT DAIRY & FOOD CO., LTD and also acts as general manager of the UHT Milk Department.