Welcome To May e, A Visual Arts Company

Where Your Aspiration Is Our Inspiration

At May e, We Provide The Following Services:

  • Visually Stunning Gourmet Photography
  • Still Recipe Imagery
  • Advertising and Promotional Videos
  • TV Commercial Solutions
  • Network and Media Enhancement Building

In addition, we can provide additional services as to content pro-duction and advertisement, skillset training, counseling as to chain operation modeling, and other visual media services as needed.

May eMission

To Bring Your Creat vty To The Highest Levels Of Presentation (Using Chinese Cultural Aesthetics) And To Improve Your Business Application

Corporate mission Introduce Chinese Aesthetic to the gourmet imagery and video industry

Corporate position Dreamworks for gourmet aesthetics Corporate vision To be Asia's Hollywood of gourmet photography and video

Corporate motto ONE PIECE voyage after your dreams

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