We are Unilever. We are 149,000 people across the world. We are over 400 brand names in over 190 countries. We are a global company with a global purpose.

A truly global business: Our products are available in over 190 countries. 2.5billion people use our products every day. Our turnover in 2020 was €51billion with 58% in emerging markets. A 25million-strong global network of retailers.

Great purposeful brands: We have over 400 household name brands. 13 had a turnover of more than €1billion in 2020. 81% of our brands are top two in their market. In Kantar's top50, 14 are Unilever brands.

Using our scale for good: Improved the health and hygiene of 1.3billion people since 2010. 100% renewable grid electricity globally. 67% sustainably sourced agricultural raw materials. Making sustainable living commonplace.

Official Website: https://www.unilever.com