CHALI was founded in August 2013 and is headquartered in Guangzhou. CHALI is a high-end tea brand and also a professional tea service provider in China. The original leaf triangle tea bag is the hero product.

With its full channel marketing strategy, CHALI has established strong brand awareness and influence power in market . It's now becoming a benchmark for China's tea new retail industry.

In addition to the know-hows of tea manufacturing such as blending, grading and deep processing, CHALI has also been equipped with a sound supply chain system of high-quality raw materials. With the joint efforts from Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, CHALI CFDS assessment system as well as CHALI research center were set up to discover and establish national standard for teabag industry.

Besides online and offline selling, ChaLi also provides various mixing choices and new-style tea drinks which are made with quality extracted whole leaves at retail experience center. It brings consumers a novel way to drink traditional tea. The retail experience center not only advocates a healthy and simple lifestyle but also gives consumers brand-new sensational experience.

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