Giardino Estate is a professional sparkling winery integrating planting, R&D, fermentation and production. The winery is located in Penglai City, Shandong Province, one of the world's seven major grape coasts, known as the 'world wonderland'. It covers a total area of 54,000 square meters, with a planned total investment of 150 million yuan.

Since its establishment, the winery has relied on the advantages of Penglai's 'wine' and 'Fuji apple' industries; it has established an innovative fruit sparkling wine research and development mechanism with Chinese characteristics in conjunction with the main high-quality fruit production regions of countries around the world. After years of painstaking exploration, we selected high-quality fruits in the world's high-quality production areas as raw materials, and adopted tank fermentation technology to develop the Giardino fruit storm series and burning fruit series. It is very popular among young consumers because of its refreshing, delicious, easy-to-drink, and low alcoholic.

With the advocating concept of 'Endless Bubbles and Limitless Youth', Giardino Estate encourages people to treat life with a lively and optimistic attitude; to experience the brand style of vitality, fashion, enthusiasm and happiness; to let the life be full of youth and actively and bravely faces challenges. You can certainly feel the beauty and infinite possibilities of youth while enjoying the fine wine experience brought by Giardino Estate.

Official Website: www.giardinoestate.com

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