Beijing Acctrue Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Acctrue Technology") is the international leading provider on traditional industry traceability digital solution for "block chain traceability + data middle platform + SaaS service". Founded in 2004, relying on its independently developed hardware, software and blockchain digital technology, we help our customers establishing the original data standard for commodity by assigning a unique code to each commodity from the source of production. By collecting real, traceable and verifiable product unique code data, getting through the supply chain, connecting terminals, and reaching consumers, we build a digital operation platform and enterprise management system with a one-stop solution and reshape the industry chain operation model and enable enterprises to improve the industrial application efficiency. We help enterprises connect all points of the supply chain, gather data from all scenarios, achieve full factor value enhancement, and product innovation driven by consumer demand. With its superior technology, products and huge customer base.

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