Radar Finance

Radar Finance (Wechat ID: leidacj ) is a new financial media focusing on in-depth investigations and reports in the fields of capital market, new finance, real estate, new economy and TMT. It is committed to providing readers with all-round pulse-taking services, clearing away thunder spots and discovering value. The founding team consists of the original editor-in-chief of the portal finance and economics, members of the head finance and economics new media founding team and senior investigative reporters of the traditional media, integrating the depth, professionalism and rigour of the traditional media with the readability, dissemination and channels of the new media. Based on WeChat public platform, Radar Finance has spread to more than 40 client media platforms such as today's headlines, Tencent News, Sina, Netease, Sohu, Phoenix, etc. Since its establishment in mid-October 2019, it has led the dissemination of topics such as "Hangzhou Youth Auto Bankruptcy", "Online Red with Goods Supervision" and "Shuang Xi Express Company Dispute". Original articles have received millions of hits on major mainstream platforms and won many awards.