Maker ( )  The media of “Maker” was founded in 2015.  We focus on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence、virtual reality、semiconductors、new energy、new materials、aerospace and other emerging hard technologies.  Based on the science and technology media, we are committed to building an industrial service platform in the field of science and hard technology, promoting the landing of the hard technology industry and helping to upgrade traditional industries.  Since its establishment, “Maker” have formed a complete service system such as the magnesium guest network media platform, the magnesium guest space hard technology innovation center, and the magnesium passenger network AI Lab industry research institute.  Through media services and activities, we help the upstream and downstream docking resources of the industry; through the combination of accelerators and industrial funds, we will further promote the hard technology industry and form an industrial agglomeration effect; through the AI Lab Industry Research Institute, in the form of technology empowerment, Services such as media communication, venture capital, and industry landing provide solutions.