Previous Food Show

In early 2019, Food Show made every visitor fully enjoyed! We had more exhibitors, various themed activities, like Aroma Lab, Dream Kitchen, Fitness Studio, attracted a bunch of visitors. In 2020, Food Show will return with new twists!

- Despite the surreal 3D proposal, you still wanna see the “best packaging” for yourself.
- Tired of post-Photoshop images, have you ever immersed in the arts of food?
- While desperately following the trends, have you ever asked: how can professionals make such accurate prediction?
- No matter how well you know about annual new products, you still wanna have a bite, real bite, right?
- Trapped in consumer education: how to categorize packaging...wait a minute, is your self-developed-material really "rubbish"?

8 new themed activities are waiting for you at Food Show, packaging, art, innovation, trend, sustainability….. and more!
More good news, Food Show is relocated to 9700-square-meter area, just next to FBIF forums. There will be 200 exhibitors and 6000+ visitors from brand owners, ingredients, packaging, marketing, design……Of course you are well prepared for business opportunities, but are you ready for brainstorm?

P.S.: to enjoy yourselves at Food Show, you need to follow rules below:
No. 1: seize your moment, the pass-by strangers might be your business partners someday.
No. 2: share your ideas! Here, you can predict, comment, and debate (we have a Message Board for you!)
No. 3: Involve! Involve! Involve! All the things that have been said three times are important~

Floor Plan

iFood Show Previous Events


Foodtalks is an offline salon event incubated by FBIF. We will invite speakers in the food and beverage industry to share their insights in the Food Show area. We have prepared rich salon themes: intelligent manufacturing, creation of explosives, healthy food that are eaten after the 90s, fashionable "sugar-free" drinks, and low-carb low-GI diets, etc., and also prepared very vivid social scene; Foodtalks Hangzhou Station, looking forward to sharing innovations with you!

02-MA Global Food & Beverage Gallery

The design concept of the brand will shape people's future life! Marking Awards was born to find and admire excellent food and beverage packaging design. MA Global Food & Beverage Gallery will select more than 50 global packaging design cases that perfectly achieve the balance between art and commerce and show the birth process by combining graphic introduction and physical exhibition. Invited to this visual feast, you can not only admire the finished product up close, but also view the design concept, creative process and institutional background behind it.

03-Hello Foods Market

The food world seems so vast while tiny, so primitive while delicate, innovative launches come forth worldwide all the time. As a third-party international platform targeting F&B industry, FBIF hopes to select the world’s most value-embedded products from the perspective of an industry insider to bring inspiration to your NPD and marketing. Hereby, the project of “Hello Foods Market” was born. Hundreds of new SKUs with novel concepts, eye-catching packaging, good tastes and marketing reputation will be collectively presented. In addition to being able to closely touch those new arrivals, you can also purchase those that you are interested in for further research. Global innovative foods are waiting for you at Hello Foods Market!

04-Explore 2020

Explore 2020 tells the future trends and insights of F&B industry from different perspectives, including materials, flavors, packaging, consumption and marketing. We have invited many professional agencies and authoritative enterprises to present their insights and solutions. Do you want to know what kinds of products that customers are willing to pay? Are you curious about the new fashion in packaging? Check it out at “Explore 2020”!

Also, we invite you to share your own ideas about future trends! No hesitation, no fear, just speak up! 

05-Wow Food Appreciation

How does a competitive product attract sights and capture taste buds? This area will collect new products that stand out from the Wow Food Awards, as well as products of cutting-edge brands that have been shortlisted from the "Hi Founders!" F&B Start-up Pitch Competition for your appreciation. Here, each product has its unique positioning and innovation highlight. From viewing to tasting, we hope this multi-sensory experience will bring you inspiration for new product R&D. Be with us and wow together!

06-Circular Reaction

Circular Reaction is focusing on environment sustainability, a showcase of eco-friendly packaging solutions. We brought companies and environmental groups together to present eco-friendly packaging, recyclable products and the danger of plastic bottles. Here you can find edible cups, T-shirt made of plastic bottles, plant-based packages, etc. Every green idea is a highlight! We hope you will be inspired from all these innovative eco-friendly packaging solutions.

07-Art of Food

Who says food only deserves normal look? At “Food as Art,” we will create a natural environment, take you back to nature, and explore the secret of the natural beauty of food. You will explore the industrial processing and handmade, creating something extraordinary in the workshop. The process of creating brings product inspiration to you, and you may discover the secret of "beauty" that attracts the consumers!

08-FBIF2020 Forum Live Show

Selected photos and videos from FBIF2020 forums and Food Show will be broadcasted on the large screen in the Live Show area.