Wow Food Awards 2020 

Launched by FBIF in 2017, ‘Wow Food Awards’ (formerly Hello Foods Prize) is a creative product tasting and evaluation competition in the F&B industry. The competition gathers dozens of senior experts in product development and market research to taste and comment on hundreds of entries from a holistic perspective. The innovation behind each product development is reviewed in detail. The purpose of the competition is to gather the innovators in F&B industry to jointly discover, display, publicize and evaluate the most innovative products to contribute to culture of innovation and industry reform.

Wow Food Awards 2019 received 151 entries from nearly 100 companies. The entries have differentiated merits in the taste, packaging and product concept. After the judges' on-site tasting and in-depth understanding of the product concepts, 18 entries with excellent comprehensive performance were selected to win.

With the increasing influence and credibility of Wow Food Awards in the domestic food and beverage industry, ‘Wow Food Awards’ 2020 has been upgraded to a fully global competition. We will gather domestic and foreign experts to evaluate innovative products from all over the world, which is bound to be a fantastic innovation feast!

Wow Food Awards 2020, let your new product say wow to the world~

Wow Food Awards 2020 entries are divided into "snack category" and "beverage category". The competition is open to pre-packaged products that are launched during August 1st, 2018 to January 10th, 2020, and belong to the following categories. All the players in the product R&D value chain such as brand owners, suppliers, research institutions can join the competition. 

Evaluate Dimensions
1. Product concept, highlights and added valued
2. Product taste and texture
3. Consumer communication 

Note: the organizer has the right to adjust the number of awards, cancel or increase the awards according to the specific score of each product.

  • Cancellation of awards: the scores of winning products of a single category are too low;
  • Increase of awards: there is a new category not listed by the committee and the number of entries of this new category reaches a certain scale; In categories with a large number of entries, such as milk drinks and baked goods, the top of the overall score will be awarded.
Susan Jin

Regional Industry Leader Asia Pacific Probiotics, cultures, Fibers, HMO Dupont Nutrition and Bioscience

Dupont Nutrition & Health

Li Meiqiu

Vice chairman of Hainan Panda Dairy Co, Ltd

Hainan Panda Dairy Product Co., Ltd

Amy Wong

Food Writer


Zhang Bin



Leon Zheng


Regulatory AI Technology Co Ltd

Alick Zhou



Hu Weibin

Sales & Marketing Manager

SAMBU group

Cathy Tang



Ralf Zink

Head of Research and Technology, DMK-GROUP


Justin Comes

China R&D VP

Mars Wrigley

Jodie Minotto

Research Manager, Asia Pacific, Mintel Food & Drink


Amy Song

Director of R&D


Yin Xiaomei

Senior Director Global Innovation Commercialization

Firmenich Aromatics (China) Co.,Ltd

Robin Fegen

Founder, Director

The Robin Collective

Alessio D'Antino

Founder and CEO

Forward Fooding

Sophia Nadur

Global Innovation Director& Tg Green Tea Founder

Ideas 2 Launch Ltd

Zhou Li

Secretary of the Board, Ph.D

Nongfu Spring

Sheng Lin



Lemeng Wang

China Businss Manager

Kerry Group

Cao Yongmei

Manufacturing and R&D Group General Director

Want Want Group


2019 Selected Winners