Will Zhang

Vice President

New Hope Dairy


Let the Function be Visible

One of the most noteworthy benefits of yogurt is gut health. Consumers understand that probiotics can maintain the balance of the intestinal microbiome. But they also feel that most probiotics will be inactivated by the acidic environment in the stomach, and will never make it to the gut.

How could we let consumers perceive the function of yogurt? Visible features may make it easier to communicate effectively with consumers.


Mr. Will Zhang is Head of New Hope Dairy Marketing and Sales, and he has rich experience of brand building, go to market strategy, new retail developing for both FMCG and internet companies.

Will started his career as P&G China summer intern in 2003, and worked 15 years in different critical roles of P&G China. He was the national category manager of Skin Care, Marketing and Strategy Planning, turning around Olay brand from decline to be fastest growing brand in China market. He also played as General Manager of P&G China Walmart customer team, rebuilding strategic partnership through accelerating P&G e-com and O2O business in Walmart. He changed new journey in Netease Yanxuan as General Manager in 2019, leading Yanxuan Omni channels integrated marketing and sales.

Will is LLB of Law School, Wuhan University and International EMBA of Kellogg and Guanghua.