Yiyi Chen


Royal Group Co., Ltd.


[CEO Dialogue] The Development Path of Regional Dairy Enterprises

As competition remains fierce, how can regional dairy companies stand out? How do they achieve high-quality growth with differentiation? And how could they win more local consumers by uninterrupted innovation? The top expert from the dairy industry are invited to exchange their views & insights, so stay tuned! (Let's have a taste of the dairy products from these different regions as well! )



Born in 1974, with a bachelor's degree from Fudan University, he has served for many international consumer goods enterprises for more than 20 years, and held relevant senior management positions in marketing, operation and strategic control. He also has rich experience and international vision in industrial investment, M & A integration and international cooperation.

After graduation, he worked for Nestle Company and was responsible for regional marketing management; from 2000 to 2005, he served as China business manager of American International Paper; from 2006 to November 2009, he served as marketing and business director of Sidel North Asia, a subordinate of Tetra Pak group; in November 2009, he joined China resources and successively took charge of various management positions of China Resources venture and its subordinate enterprises, and served as deputy director of China Resources venture (Hong Kong Hang Seng blue chip index) During the period of president and strategic director, he was responsible for the strategic planning, operation control and related investment of the listed company's consumer goods business (supermarket beer food beverage, etc.); in June 2017, he joined Huangshi group and served as the president of Huangshi Group Co., Ltd., responsible for the operation control and strategic planning of the group.