Carol Zhou

Senior Vice President, China Business Innovation & Investments



[CEO Talks] How Can Giants Break New Ground through Innovation?

As lifecycles of new products become shorter, consumers' attention and brand loyalty are becoming more scarce. The F&B sector has appeared more and more like a fashion industry when the innovation is getting faster, investment crowding in, and the media environment changing greatly. The start-ups are more flexibly structured and more specialized in niche markets. Against this backdrop, how can established giants break new grounds through innovation?


As SVP of China Business Innovation & Investment for Shiseido, Carol is helping to shape the next phase of transformation for the company. By leveraging the dynamic ecosystem and entrepreneurial talents in China, Carol will help to accelerate the implementations of innovations and new business models, to create new beauty business as the next growth driver of the Shiseido group on a global level.

During the past 2 years at Shiseido, Carol has accomplished on:
- Established strategic alliances with startups and other companies to further accelerate the development and implementation of innovations in existing businesses, as well as new business development in new sectors.
- Established the 1st Shiseido Beauty Innovation Hub in China, a community space where consumers, entrepreneurs, researchers and industry partners can connect, discover, collaborate and create truly consumer-centric beauty offerings.
- Incubated new business ideas and successfully scaling and launching them to become the next growth drivers of Shiseido Group on a global level (1st Beauty Device brand launching Q1 2021)
- Oversee strategic decisions to grow and restructure the group businesses, establish strategic partnerships, and creating opportunities through M&A.

Previously, she has held a number of management positions at multinational firms such as Unilever, Burberry, L’Oréal, and Marriott where she has led global strategy & innovation functions across regions and categories.

Carol received her undergraduate degree from New York University's Stern Business School and her MBA from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.