Brian Zhang

VP Greater China

The Economist Group


[CEO Talks]Explore New Growth - Overseas

According to the McKinsey report, 110 Chinese companies are on the Fortune 500 list, a number very close to that of the United States. But these companies gain revenue mainly from the Chinese market, with overseas revenue accounting for only 18%, compared to the S&P 500's average of 44%. With the signing of the RCEP, the gradual implementation of the China-EU Investment Agreement, and favorable cross-border e-commerce policies, Chinese companies will have more opportunities in overseas markets.


Mr. Brian Zhang is the Vice President at The Economist Group Greater China. He has rich experience in overseas marketing & communications. Prior to joining The Economist Group, Mr. Zhang worked for Facebook and LinkedIn, helping Chinese companies go global and expand their businesses overseas.

It has always been his belief and professional responsibility to better tell Chinese stories to the world and make Chinese brands truly global.