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Genki Forest


The Age of Traffic First, the Only Thing That Leads to Love is Product Itself

In fact, no one will fall in love with a FMCG product because of marketing, "the only thing that leads to love is the product itself". If the product is not good, marketing can only create "fast disappearing products". The "Internet spirit" contribute to the rapid growth of Chinese internet industry, and its core lies in the idea of "user first, focus on products, respect for talent", and this also applies in the FMCG industry.

Disappearing Boundary: Digital Marketing Expands into the Whole Business Chain

Marketers have heard the old saying that the marketing and branding department is the department that spends money. But I'm sure we all, more or less like me, feel that this paragraph is outdated. A large number of CMOs have become CGOs, and brands are pursuing a shorter path to purchase.

-Can we drive growth by digitalization only in marketing? With digital empowerment, how does marketing go deeper into user insights, product development, media strategy, and user experience?

-How should brands design the infrastructure of marketing digitalization, build the team, and collaborate across departments?

-Will first-party data become a key task in marketing digitalization as privacy-related data restrictions continue to expand and the price of public domain traffic rises?


Zong Hao, vice president of Yuanqi Forest, has been working on the Internet for more than ten years. His motto is "Don't do the unquantifiable, don't do the prescribed, and don't do the unchangeable."