Aleksandra Gerasymenko

Art Director

Reynolds & Reyner


The Protein Revolution
The global population will grow by approx. 2.3 billion people by 2050. This will demand an additional 260 million tons of protein in our food chains, but neither our current sources nor most of the current processing techniques are enough to close this gap. The journey towards ensure full recovery of proteins from traditionally raw materials as well as the search for alternatives has begun – and Alfa Laval’s proven equipment and processes are ready to deal with the challenges we have ahead of us. In his 30 minutes talk, Mr. Lars Linnet – senior protein process technologist with more than 25 years of experience and world class expertise in processing of proteins - will provide a glimpse into the most value preserving, sustainable and innovative protein processing technologies currently available, and explain why this is also good for business. His presentation will provide insights to important global trends, a high-level overview of the core process steps, as well as a dive into existing applications and case stories ranging from food grade meat & fish by-product processing, insect proteins up to plant-based protein applications. The key message of this talk is reminding us all that the world is facing serious challenges with regards to sustainability in protein and food supply in general, but that solutions to tackle this are already available. Let us take the challenge proactively and lead the way for the generations to come!


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