Nicolas Morelli

Craft and Specialties VP APAC North

ZX Ventures


A Wider Popularity Gene Embedded in the Niche Craft Beer

Craft beer, a symbol of petty bourgeoisie. Compared to industrial beer, these artisanal beers go through a rigorous selection of raw materials with earnest attitudes and brilliant ideas. Craft Beer advocates free creation and unlimited taste experience, just similar to the spirit of craftsmanship. It is perfect for savoring slowly. In recent years, Chinese consumption of craft beer has maintained an increase rate of over 40%. Craft Beer, with an innate minority characteristic, has quickly become a symbol of middle-class consumer culture. The logic of its minority base makes consumers have a more tenacious attachment to it.
·How does craft beer appeal to consumers?
·How does the market go through the taste transition period smoothly?
·How do microbreweries upgrade consumption?


Nico started in AB InBev in 2009, working in several marketing and sales roles. He joined ZX Ventures in 2015 since its establishment, which is a global growth and innovation group within AB InBev.

As the Head of Specialties of South Latin America, he launched the Patagonia Brewery in Argentina, and was responsible for growing Patagonia 10x during 3 years of his leadership there. And Patagonia in 2018 is the largest craft brand in Latin America.

In 2017, the over delivered net revenue versus budget: 178% achievement. He has also developed local best practices such as Oktoberfest and Draft Expansion, being a true partner with other areas, having one of the most integrated E-Commerce and BEX team in ZX.

Now Nico is leading the Craft and Specialties team in APAC North, which includes China, Korea and Japan.