Sun Shijun


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Shijun Sun,CEO and co-founder of the brand Adopted A Cow. He has worked in the dairy industry for 10 years and has rich experience in production, sales and operation. He is an excellent entrepreneur, manager and marketing expert.

Shijun Sun is very innovative. In 2017, he and his team made the leap from 0 to 1 to realize the innovative combination of dairy and Internet. Under his leadership, Adopt A Cow developed from new media to social e-commerce, from new retail to the layout of the whole canal. In two years, he broke through 300 million, and was praised as the new black horse of consumption in the industry. Nowadays, Adopted A Cow has been strictly selected as the only milk brand designated by Wangyi and Xiaomi,milk supplier of 100-plus top new media and the KA merchant of social e-commerces such as Yunji and Beidian.

Shijun Sun has always been committed to the "user-centered" business model, and often led the team to carry out demand discussion and flow research around users. According to statistics, the positive rate of Adopted A Cow series products is as high as 99.8%, and the repurchase rate is as high as 44.5%. "We want to be an innovative consumer brand that subverts the traditional dairy industry and become a leader in the good life of every family," he said.

In the future, I believe that under the leadership of Mr. Sun, it will be better and better to Adopt A Cow.