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In the new media landscape, how do middle and high-end mineral water brands communicate with consumers?

Topic Value: It has been urgently needed for the traditional mineral water brands, like Wahaha, Yake, Nongfu Spring and Coca-Cola, to make transformation and produce middle to high end products. But, do they clearly understand consumers’ expectation for these products? The large and medium-sized mineral water brands usually spend huge monry on marketing but the effects are hard to be evaluated. In contrast, new media can be a very efficient tool. But the key is how the brands use this tool to save money and increase efficiency. Would the power of community-centric marketing and a fan economy also apply to the mineral water industry? The answer is yes. However, as different types of mineral water has different properties and consumption scenarios, they respectively have different marketing tricks.

  • For middle to high end mineral water brands, how do they break the deadlock in the Chinese market?
  • How to leverage the power of the mineral waterproduct itself?
  • How do brands get free and valuable consumer insights via new media?
  • In a new medialandscape, how can brands be “soft and hard” when communicating with consumers?
  • How do mineral water brands leverage external forces to create a fan economy?


Cathy Gu, Founder of Koala Marketing. Koala Marketing provides customized marketing training for brands. 

Cathy graduated from Wuhan University. She is a professional speaker and marketing training planner. She has 15 years of experience in marketing field. She is a former marketing manager of “sgs” and chief marketing officer of “Dephina”.

Since 2013, Cathy started her social media journey by focus in water industry. She continued with in-depth research into the global water industry, water brands and related products. By sharing her professional knowledge with consumers through WeChat and Zhihu, she has become a well-known influencer in China’s water industry, and a bridge between brands and consumers.