Fan Chun

Managing Director



2018 Marking Awards – Let packaging design be the best symbol of a brand

Packaging design is the most direct way to express a brand’s attitude and identity. In the Asia Pacific region, where there is considerable package consumption from fast moving consumer goods, food and drinks industry are surely heavy users of packages. However, they are not always leading the competition. Yet Marking Awards, born to dig out and honor good packaging design in China, has become a powerful platform that encourages healthy competition and communication between domestic designers and international ones. It is intended to refresh the aesthetic cognition of local brands and drive faster innovation. With the launch of annually changed ‘Tear up’ design themes, 2018 Marking Awards welcomes good designs from the professional and students.

Awards Setting

Marking Award: having highest mark in INTEGRITY among the in-market category

Marking Concept Award: having highest mark in INTEGRITY among the Conceptual category

Marking Annual Award: having highest mark in INTEGRITY among the “Tear up Condiment” annual category

Marking Visual Awards: the highest mark in DESIGN

Marking Communication Awards: the highest mark in RELEVANCY

Marking Creative Awards: the highest mark in CREATIVITY

Marking Tech Awards: the highest mark in TECH CONTENT

Marking Functional Awards: the highest mark in PRACTICALITY 


Speech Time: 16:45 - 18:15


Brief Introduction to Van Fan:
·A well-known industrial designer   
·The co-founder and CEO of Hot Design
·15 years of project design experience, led the team in serving Motorola, GE in the US, Belkin, Electrolux, Nongfu Spring, Junlebao, Zhongxing Communication, and Super among other well-known international and national famous enterprises.
· Winner of top awards at home and abroad such as Red Dot Design Award、IF Design Award、Pentawards, China Red Star Design Award, and Successful Design Award 
· Top 100 Chinese Youth Designer of the Ministry of Culture
· Nominee of Top Ten Outstanding Youths of Chinese Industrial Design by Dragon Design Foundation
·Director of China Industrial Design Association
·Director of Zhejiang Provincial Industrial Design Association
·Top Ten Industrial Designers in Zhejiang 
·Ten Elites of Industrial Design in Hangzhou
·Director of Hangzhou Industrial Association