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Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2019

Food and Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF), founded in 2014 by Simba Events, has become one of the most influential food-industry events in the Asia Pacific. More than 1000 food companies and 4438 individuals joined us in the 6th FBIF, registering growth of 60.12% of the attendees come from brand owners. In 2020, brands owners are expected to account for 60% of a total 6,000 attendees and visitors.
Our aim is to communicate the most advanced technology, ideas and business experience, helping the industry leaders to become better decision-makers so that there will be a brighter future for us all.


Hangzhou International Expo Center


Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2018

Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2018 (FBIF2018), themed as “Global Innovation, Powering the Future”, will be held in April 18th to 20th in Shanghai, China. During the past years, the F&B industry has experienced a slowed increase whereas in the meantime we have witnessed a great number of startups are rising. Through our analysis on the comparison between China’s Top 100 F&B companies and the global ones, we have founded that most of those startups represent new product categories. Also, there are traditional F&B enterprises have kept a steady growth by strategically placing products in the new categories. We believe that the F&B industry competition has entered the age of category competition.


Shanghai Marriott Hotel Parkview


Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2017

Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2017 (FBIF2017) is the leading F&B event in Asia to be held in Shanghai from April 19th to 21st, 2017. The theme of FBIF2017 is “Global Innovation, Powering Future!”, FBIF2017 is a three day conference contains Plenary Session (Day One) and four co-current session on Day Two and Day Three, which are: Product Innovation A: Beverage & Dairy, Product Innovation B: Functional Food & Snacks, Marketing Innovation and InnoPack. More than 90 speakers will present and 1200-1500 senior executives from F&B industry are expected to attend FBIF2017.


Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao


Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2016

The growth of food industry slowed down in three consecutive years. As only one out of ten new products survive in the market and the life cycle of new products is shortening, the food industry starts its "new normal" growth model. With a new round of industrial upgrading, how will food enterprises get out of trouble and change the "New Normal" model?
Lipstick Economy boomed in the Great Depression of 1930s; Boeing transited to commercial aircraft after World War II; Samsung Electronics Co, achieved 3.17 trillion Won through its "New Management Initiative" in the Asian crisis; "Plan B" saved Starbucks in the Subprime Crisis and etc. All the above shows great achievements can be only made by innovation and breakthrough.
The Third Food and Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF & Food Show 2016) will take place on April 20-22, in The Longemont Hotel, Shanghai. As the most influential conference in Asia-pacific in F&B industry, it dedicates to assisting the industry decision makers to foresee the future trends, promote positive development by sharing valuable showcases and technology. The theme of FBIF & Food Show 2016 is “Transforming Amid Slowing Market”, which contains Plenary Session and four parallel sessions (Food Product Innovation, Marketing Innovation, Packaging Innovation, and Manufacturing Innovation) during 3 days. This summit will attract about 400 senior executives and more than 800 people from leading companies like Coca cola, Pepsico, Nestle, Wrigley, Mondelēz, Mars and etc.


The Longemont Hotel


Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2015

Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2015 is taking place on 13th – 15th May, 2015 in Chateau Star River Pudong Shanghai. Comparing to FBIF 2014, FBIF2015, we will have more about “trends” parts. Some fresh elements like: Cross-Border Competition, Circular Economy and E-commerce are very representative and may result in a Revolutionary change in the near future. Further More, for the Innovation ? R&D Stream, we pay more attention to seeking Cases that can be more practical and useful for R&D People. 3D Printing, Vegetable Protein, Artificial Foods are key words in this Session. For Marketing Innovation Session, we grasp the trend as always, some fascinating topics would be discussed in this session: Marketing 3. 0, Neuromarketing, Big Data Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Content Marketing, Native Advertising, Video Marketing, etc


Chateau Star River Pudong Shanghai


Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2014

Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2014 which is organized by Simba is taking on 14th- 16th May | Chateau Star River Pudong, Shanghai, China. We are gathering more than 250 industrial leaders to attend and discuss the status quo and future of food & beverage industry and food safety, product innovation and marketing innovation, leading players including: Nestle, Coca-Cola, Mondelez, Yili Group, Bright Food, Tyson Foods, Danone, COFCO, Master Kong, Want Want, Wahaha, Yinlu, Tencent, Ogilvy & Mather, ADM, DSM has confirmed to join. Key words in this event would be: Food Safety Traceability, Early Warning Platform, Health, Nutrition, Chinese Food Culture, Product Lifecycle Management, 3D Printing Food, Chinese Shoppers, Customer Engagement, Digital Marketing, etc.


Chateau Star River Pudong Shanghai