Yidiancaijing (https://www.yidiancaijing.xin/ Wechat ID: yidiancaijing) is a media company which is engaged in the algorithm of content distribution. Its main product is Yidianzixun, an application combined searching, subscription and recommended news together. Based on the world's first interesting engine technology, it analyses the behavior of user search and browse and learns the users’ interest preference. At the same time, it covers all contents and services on the network  to provide services with personal interest in news and information, meet the personalized needs of different people and help users capture the most core information they needed quickly in the outbreak of the flow of information. Meanwhile, with the interesting engine technology, based on customer interest,it can capture the real demands of customers accurately, with the difference of custom resources to meet the personalized advertising value appeal  constantly and achieve more accurate and efficient marketing results.