JGroup Beverage & Food (Shang Hai) CO., LTD.

Jie xiang's business model is: will completely independent intellectual property rights, the world's leading, based on the Internet of things intelligent ice cream machine and intelligent drink machines, free rental to large commercial chain, such as cinemas, convenience stores, bakery, scenic spots, chain food and beverage, etc.), and provide systematic solutions for service, finally by providing raw materials and packing materials to achieve a win-win situation. This leading business model is also known as the "jie xiang model".


Jie xiang this innovation mode also got the favour of domestic a gleam of VC, 2014, 2015, 2017, jie xiang, respectively for three rounds of one hundred million multivariate financing, is the only company in the field of VC investment from the enterprise, at the same time we also worked in 2015 and 2016, two rounds of equity incentive, a total of more than 20 senior executives and backbone become jie xiang employee shareholders. At present, the company's yogurt ice cream and fruit tea products, market coverage is far ahead, and the growth is strong, especially jiexiang's overall solution service, widely welcomed by partners, many chain as the “most valuable partner”.