Ocean Spray Cranberries Food (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

In 1930, three fruit farmers established Ocean Spray Cranberry Agriculture Cooperative. After more than 90 years, Ocean Spray has become the world's largest cranberry brand and the world's largest supplier of cranberry ingredients. Cranberry is named after its flower shape of crane. Cranberry is rich in proanthocyanidins, vitamins, fruit polyphenols and other nutrients, so it was called as "queen of super fruit". It's health value has been widely recognized by global consumers.
In addition to the cranberry juice, dried cranberry and cranberry sauce products loved by global consumers, Ocean Spray also provides high-quality cranberry ingredients such as dried cranberries, puree, concentrate and total solutions for global food service industries and customers. In this booth, we will present a variety of cranberry applications and bring healthy and delicious cranberry foods to valuable clients.