Zhejiang EVERPRO Food Co., Ltd.

EVERPRO Food, the subsidiary of Hangzhou EVERPRO Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. has been focused on the research, development and production of health products such as probiotics, concentrated yogurt drink, natural extracts and health ingredients during a long time.


During more than ten years of research on fermentation technology, we have launched a variety of concentrated fermentation products such as white/brown concentrated yogurt drink, fermented fruit and vegetable juice, whey fermentation broth fermented soymilk and so on. It can be widely used in industrial development and catering industry. With the national invention paten and rich professional technology of lactic acid bacteria fermentation products, we offer a variety of product support for new product development.


Looking forward to the future, EVERPRO Food will continue to provide safe, secure and healthy products, continuously create value for our customers through continuous innovation.