Marking Awards 2020

Initiated by FBIF, ‘Marking Awards’ is a global food and beverage packaging design contest established in Shanghai since 2016 while targets the global. In a forum platform where attracts worldwide attention, Marking Awards was born to discover and praise brilliant F&B package designs, and encourage communication between local and global design power. In doing so, the awards committee aims to speed up F&B brands’ packaging innovation, package functional optimization and improve their aesthetics standards, thus finally all the stakeholders can build a creative packaging ecosystem together.

‘Marking Awards’2019 received more than 500 design entries from 200 global brand owners, design agencies and packaging companies. After the evaluation by 24 international juries, half are senior executives of packaging design departments from global top 100 F&B companies and half are founders and creative directors from world-class design agencies, 37 entries from 33 entrants were prize-winners showing the high standards in place.

Marking Awards 2020 accepts four entry categories - label design, structure design, product design, brand full case design. Welcome brand owners, design agencies, packaging companies and advertising companies to join us, together witnessing design power towards brands!
Entry Category

1. Label Design
graphic design of the label

2. Structure and Material Design
innovative packaging structures or materials, e.g. bottle cap, stand-up pouches, plant-based plastics, etc.

3. Product Design
overall packaging design from structure to label

4. Brand Full Case Design
a series of brand’s visual identification system, including logo, promotion materials, product package, online exposure, space display, advertisement, etc.

* Marking Awards only accepts applications of designs in the field of F&B. We have no limit in the food or beverage categories of entries. As long as it is the product people eat or drink in daily life (no matter if it is snacks, yogurt, drinks, or rice, noodles, grain, oil or meal replacement), we all welcome to join in Marking Awards. 

Judging Criteria


1. Design 
visual effect, color usage, shelf/e-commerce platform display image, etc. 

2. Balance 
whether design and commerciality, design and actual application achieve great balance 

3. Communication 
whether the design conveys brand values directly and correctly 

4. Foresight 
whether it breaks through the traditional design norms and shelf image, whether it solves some problems in a forward-looking way 

5. Functionality 
user experience, ergonomics, sustainability, environmentally friendly 

6. Realization 
whether the physical product fulfills the design expectation/whether the conceptual project can be realized in technology and at a reasonable cost 

*All the entries will be judged from the six criteria based on different proportions according to different categories.

2020 Global Jury to be Added…

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