Exhibition Intro

FBIF Food & Beverage Innovation Forum, founded by Simba Events Co., Ltd., has been held annually since 2014. With the help of high-quality conference guests and the growing influence of the forum itself, the exhibition has been held five times in the same period.

In 2019, FBIF will be held in the beautiful Hangzhou International Expo Center. The exhibition area is 7,700 square meters and there are more than 200 exhibitors. It is expected that 5,000 food and beverage industry colleagues will come. Among them, 3000+ food and beverage industry executives attended the forum.

The event will be divided into the following four sections:
2 major activities areas: In the activities area 1, high-quality guests will be invited to share live speeches, with interests and richness; Different themes activities will be hold in the area 2, product exhibition, social activities and so on.
Tea Break Area: Innovative delicious drinks and snacks, and also a good chance to social contact!
Food and Beverage Brands and Suppliers Booth Area

Floor Plan

2018Live Photos